(SplitRS 2015)

Environmental Security: Remote Sensing of Natural Resources
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Date: 18 – 22 May 2015
Registration is open from Feb 01 2015 to May 15 2015.

Last year SPLITRS 2014: https://splitremotesensing.com/

***This website was for the Split Summer School on Remote Sensing in 2015. For the current summer school, visit SplitSummerSchool.com***

– SPLITRS 2015 Summer School has been successfully completed. Thank you all who sponsored and contributed to the event !

Participants to the SPLIT Summer School came from Denmark, UK, Canada, Finland, Germany, Romania, Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, and Italy

INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION OPEN TO THE PUBLIC at the Technical Chamber of Greece !!

One day FIELD TRIP to the beautiful Taxiarchis Forest to collect spectral signatures with the spectroradiometer !!

LiDAR: Data Analysis (Rapidlasso) !

DRONE / UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems): The total workflow: FIELD DEMONSTRATION and data analysis (GEOSENSE) !

BIG data analyses (ENVI, MATLAB, SARscape) !

ENVI, IDL software for HYPERSPECTRAL data: Data analysis (INFOREST Research) !

Great lectures: Pattern recognition, Applications: Groundwater, Forest fire !

Fees are € 380 for professionals and € 200 for students. Includes a social event: Thessaloniki at night and dinner

Place: Thessaloniki, Greece

SplitRS 2015 means


SplitRS 2015 means


SplitRS 2015

is taking us to Thessaloniki.

Environmental Security: Remote Sensing of Natural Resources” (SplitRS 2015) is an interactive event between universities, research institutions and private firms. It considers the state-of-the-art remote sensing technology, sophisticated and comprehensive modelling approaches, data analysis, sophisticated software capabilities – all of which is incorporated in the framework of building the well-designed strategy to protect natural resources and public well-being. The proposed topics include the environmental security issues.

Last year SPLITRS 2014 was held in Split, Croatia. Visit: https://splitremotesensing.com/

  • Food security and sustainable agriculture
  • Energy resources
  • Climate changes
  • Water quantity and water quality
  • Environmental hazards

The objective of SplitRS 2015 is to:

  • promote the state-of-the-art Remote Sensing Technology among young professionals
  • strengthen young people’s professional networking.

G-ECO Research welcomes participants of all racial and cultural backgrounds and encourages women to apply.

This intensive and advanced, 5-day learning event, presents best insights into most recent techniques learned from top international professors and researchers through lectures and hands-on sessions. Participants will learn about different remote sensing applications using primarily hyperspectral and LiDAR sensors. Learning about information extraction techniques will be an integral part of the school program in 2015.

Registration: from Feb 01 – May 15 2015.


Bring Your Poster!
Discuss your work with our lecturers!

Summer school fee is €380 for professionals and €200 for students. The fee includes the Social Event: Thessaloniki at Night and dinner.

Laboratory of Forest Management and Remote Sensing

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55 134 Foinikas
Thessaloniki, Greece

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