G-ECO Research and EARSeL are inviting PhD students and early career professionals to submit an application.

Location: Split, Croatia Date: 21 – 23 May 2014 Registration Closed

***This website was for the original Split Summer School on Remote Sensing in 2014. For the current summer school, visit SplitSummerSchool.com***

SplitRS 2014 is over. We had a very pleasant and productive event. The students and professionals came from Estonia, Romania, Germany, Netherlands, UK, and Croatia. Some comments about SplitRS 2014: “It was a very good program with high level lectures and discussions; also a very nice group of people all together. Do it again next year. Very well selected lectures and well organized schedule, very interesting topics. I am looking forward to the next Split Summer School. The venue location is absolutely stunning; also congrats for the Social Event and I hope you will be able to host another summer school here in Split. Flexible time management to allow for discussion. I have learned a lot.”

……and some suggestions are there for next time!!!

The objective of SplitRS 2014 is to:

  • promote the state-of-the-art Remote Sensing Technology among young professionals
  • strengthen young people’s professional networking.

G-ECO Research welcomes participants of all racial and cultural backgrounds and encourages women to apply.

This intensive and advanced, 3-day learning event, presents best insights into most recent techniques learned from top international professors and researchers. Participants will learn about different remote sensing applications using both passive and active sensors. Learning about information extraction techniques will be an integral part of the school program in 2014. Registration will be available from Feb 01 – May 01 2014.

Summer school fee is €380 for professionals and €200 for students. The fee includes the Social Event: Split at Night and dinner.


Bring Your Poster!
Discuss your work with our lecturers!

SplitRS 2014 is intended for PhD students and early career professionals dealing with remote sensing topics in geoscience. The school will offer these students the opportunity to meet top international professors and researchers in the field of remote sensing and to gain an in-depth-education with the state-of-the-art knowledge on selected topics of remote sensing.

The school will sustain students’ interest in remote sensing field and stimulate their research imagination through open and one-on-one discussions with instructors. After the students complete the course material, they will be able to demonstrate their independent mastery of both the application and method. The class is manageable in size and every student will have an opportunity to ask questions and build their knowledge. Students are encouraged to bring and display their posters during the student-poster session to discuss their work with the instructors and peers.

Each participant will receive at the end of the summer school a certificate confirming his/her attendance to the summer school.