University of Zadar – Department of Geography
Ul. dr. Franje Tuđmana 24i
23000, Zadar
GPS coordinates: 44.113397° N, 15.236907° E

How to reach Zadar

By Plane: Zadar airport is well connected to other major Croatian and European cities. Flying to Zadar can be quite budget friendly as well, considering the fact that you can choose to travel with a low cost company such as Ryanair, which offers many flights to Zadar, especially during the summer months. Check out the flights to Pula, Split or Zagreb, and then you can take a bus to Zadar for a couple of hours.

If you are arriving to Zadar by plane, it is useful to know that there are airport buses approximately every 30 minutes after the arrival of a scheduled flight. The first station of the airport bus is the bus terminal in Zadar, and afterwards the bus continues to the city center. For more information regarding the airport bus, check here:

By Bus: You can easily reach Zadar by bus from other European cities because it is very well connected. There are direct bus lines from Vienna and Munich to Zadar, to mention but a few, and if you are departing from some other European city that does not have a direct bus line to Zadar, you can first travel to Pula, Zagreb or Split and then change the bus there.

The main bus station in Zadar is located at 1 Ante Starcevica street; the exact location on the map can be found here. To get to the city center from the main bus station, you can use the bus lines nr. 2 and 4.

Public transportation, getting around in Zadar
Buses Zadar: Zadar is well connected to the other cities in the country and region, and also has 12 public bus lines which cover the whole city. You can find all the information about buses in Zadar here.

Taxi: The parking spaces of local taxi service can be found near the bus stop on Liburnian coast in the harbor, at Zadar bus station and near the bridge on Branimirova obala. You can order a taxi service by calling the number: 00385 (0) 23 251 400. The prices vary from 19 to 45 HRK for a ride up to 5 km, however, it would be best to check with the taxi driver directly on the spot.



University of Zadar- Department of Geography
Ul. dr. Franje Tuđmana 24i
23000, Zadar, Croatia

GPS coordinates: 44.113397° N, 15.236907° E